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Stainless Steel Forgings

Fastwell Engineering Pvt Ltd provide various pipes and fittings types, are manufactured by us using different traditional and modern methods. Forging Steel Products being one of them.

SS Forging is basically giving a shape to the product with the help of localized compressive force. The force is delivered in the form of blows with the help of a hammer at different temperatures. They can be hot forged, warm forged, or cold forged. Cold Forging Products are basically hammered and given the desired shape when the metal or the alloy is cold and soft.

Closed Die/ Open Die/ Machined Forgings and Rolled Rings manufacturer in India

Stainless Steel Forgings is said to produce a product that is superior in strength when compared to machined or cast products. Forging Products deforms the internal grain texture in the desired shape. Rolled Ring is a type of hot forging process that produces rings that weigh less than 1 pound. Seamless Rolled Rings are manufactured using this process. Rolled Rings Manufacturers in India can produce these rings up to 25 feet in diameter and 10 feet as their face height. Seamless Rolled Ring Forging offers a good combination of fatigue resistance and toughness by controlling the flow of grains.

Forged Steel Rings

These products help in maintaining alignment and squaring with practically no virtual growth. Forged Steel Rings can therefore reduce the height as much as the application requires.

Cold Forged Steel

Cold Forged Steel offers high dimensional tolerance, along with a decent surface finish. 1080 Forging Steel is mostly used in making knives and has a high content of carbon. Unlike stainless steel, this material tends to rust if proper care is not taken.

Closed Die Forgings

Reducing or no machining is required to produce Closed Die Forgings. It has the ability to reproduce any shape and is very much consistent and precise.

Open Die Forgings

Alternately Open Die Forgings have finer grain size with a continuous flow of grains. They offer improved fatigue strength and microstructure.

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Wide Sizes And Thickness In Seamless Rolled Ring Forging, Buy Seamless Rolled Rings At Dealer And Distributor Price Ex. Mumbai

Fastwell Engineering Pvt Ltd provide these rings in thickness to height ratio of 16:1 or 1:16. Ring Forgings helps in attaining optimum machinability due to the production of the seamless ring with forged properties and provides low set up time along with low cost. Ring Rolling Forging can also be done with the help of other forging processes. Carbon Steel Forging offers a good balance between ductility and strength along with being malleable and wear resistant. Roll Forging offers strength at both high as well as at low temperatures.

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Fastwell Engineering Pvt Ltd Is An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company, Largest Forging Steel And Cold Forging Products manufacturer Since 2006.

The forging process is also material efficient and utilizes up to 95% of the starting billet. Machined Forgings reduce void and eliminate the forging draft and flash. It offers a high production rate of 4500 pieces per hour. We cater to all our orders in no time due to the use of modern technology that helps us to achieve economies of scale.